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Why Choose A Copper Faucet

Aug 14, 2017

There are a variety of hot and cold taps on the market, but why is the most expensive copper faucet, but the most popular?. Today, Hong Kong and China professional bathroom faucet manufacturers, tell you choose 3 advantages of copper faucet.

First, the whole copper faucet antibacterial anti-virus

Hong Kong and China bathroom faucet manufacturers, use GB a brass as raw material, copper can inhibit the growth of bacteria, the bacteria do not produce antibodies, no bacteria within the copper faucet, more environmental protection, health and safety, ensure the water free. This is the characteristic that other material faucet does not have.

Two, copper faucet, durable

The whole copper faucet is made by gravity casting process. The size is uniform, the wall thickness is uniform, the wear resistance is not easy to burst. Therefore, high-grade faucets are made of copper.

Three, copper faucet, many styles

Copper material has a good ductility, through different processes, you can make different styles of faucets. Hong Kong style bathroom changeable HARA copper faucet, a total with various decoration style.