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What About The Jam Of Shower?

Aug 14, 2017

Many people feel that the showerhead is blocked and must be cleaned and disassembled, but it will not be assembled if it is disassembled. Today, the faucet manufacturers delicacy bathroom will tell you don't need to open the cleaning head coup, to help you easily solve the problem of simple shower nozzle clogging.

Shower nozzle clogging clean small coup

1, white vinegar immersion method

Washing and blocking sprinkler head is most suitable for the use of white vinegar. The materials are easy to obtain and low in cost.  First of all, we will unscrew the shower nozzle, the whole immersion in white vinegar, white vinegar to submerge nozzle place, soak for 2 hours or so, with a toothbrush gently brush several times, and finally rinse with clean water can be. Warm reminder, must not use strong acid detergent, this will shower nozzle surface corrosion. Second, it is recommended that the shower head be cleaned every six months to prevent sudden congestion and shower.

2. Acupuncture

If the shower nozzle hole is just part of jam, we should open the shower faucet, let the water out of the shower nozzle, which confirm the hole blocked, then holes prepared for needle to pierce without water, to clean up the impurity hole. This is also a more direct method, but in the use of acupuncture, be careful not to shower nozzle holes to stab the bad, but also pay attention to do not wet yourself.