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Sprinkle The Purchase: The Faucet Determines The Quality

Aug 14, 2017

In the purchase, in addition to the price, most consumers only value the head of the shower, and think which good-looking which to take. In fact, what needs to be carefully chosen is the inconspicuous faucet under the shower. "It directly determines the quality and service life of the shower." Most of the sprinkler head can be changed, and if you do not like the faucet with the sprinkler head, generally can be replaced, and the faucet can not be changed, so it is recommended to choose when the main faucet.


From the use of function, shower faucet is divided into bathtub and shower, and if the faucet has a water outlet, it is bathtub shower, consumers can choose according to the situation. Some faucets have two handles, such as the left hand is hot water, the right hand is cold water. The utility model has the advantages of clear identification and convenient use, and is suitable for old people or children. And the shape of a single handle is relatively attractive, about the regulation of hot and cold water, easy to operate, but need to be used carefully, to avoid burning.

Besides, you'll have to see the quality of the faucet. According to Wang Qi, when the first selected leading to switch several times to touch the handle, the handle is delicate and elastic, too tight is not good. Surface finish is also one aspect, the better the surface treatment, the more smooth, the more bright, indicating the better the process, but also indirectly reflect its quality. In addition to looking at these, we have to see whether there are trachoma or cracks in the joint of the tap. Trachoma is a small hole and a crack in the surface and interior of the copper material in the casting process. If there is trachoma, it will leak water and break in serious condition. In fact, the leading valve is the most important part, but the naked eye can not see, the data show that the qualified valve can switch 500 thousand times, the defect can not reach this intensity, easy to leak.