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Shower Faucet With The Skills

Aug 14, 2017

Collocation skills of shower head

Now the tap design has been subdivided into each age, such as the design of 25 - to 35 year olds in the design of products, no superfluous decoration, reflects the simple and elegant style; specially designed for children hand shower colour rich, lively style. In modeling, the faucet handle and pipe outlet of all kinds, mostly streamlined, the more high-grade products, the more unique shape. Like a piece of art. Well, here are some of the showers, faucets, and what you need to pay attention to:

The color of a shower faucet

Shower tap for stainless steel material, the color of modern sense of strong, high fashion, choose the same stainless steel shower frame, are consistent with bathroom rack color collocation of bathroom products, wall tiles can also be used as a black color strong visual effect, can enhance the sense of modern bathroom, enhance the degree of fashion.

If your bathroom is dominated by cool colors, you can pick a silver faucet; if you use warm colors, you should use gold, and if the style of the bathroom is more complicated, you can use the Milky white.

Shower, faucet, suitable for Huxing

Shower head is suitable for all types of decoration, simple shower room with shower, take up bathroom corner, simple fashion. If Huxing larger, you can choose both hands with water faucet, it seems the atmosphere. The large-sized apartment can choose a single handle faucet, compact.