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Shower Column To Consider Height

Aug 14, 2017

Common knowledge of sprinkler selection

The shower covers faucets, shower columns, hoses, hand showers and shower heads. Copper is the main material and has a heat-resistant stainless steel coating outside. Reporters saw in the building materials supermarket, a wide variety of showers, there are simple hand-held sprinkler, shower column, as well as multiple water shower screen, and its price is more than 300 yuan to more than 2000 yuan. According to the Oriental home building materials supermarket shower department director Wang Qi introduction, hand shower now relatively rare, used for simple rental housing; shower column with handheld shower is currently on the market to see the style, type is also popular with consumers of love. Shower screen from the top, back and other multi-directional water, can meet the needs of some people.


Shower column height

The ceiling height of the bathroom and your height determine the height of the shower. Under normal circumstances, leading from the ground 70 ~ 80 cm, shower column is 1.1 meters high, faucet and shower column joint length is 10 to 20 cm height from the ground, shower in 2.1 ~ 2.2 meters, consumers should fully consider the size of the bathroom space. When buying a shower, you need to consider whether the height of the shower column is appropriate to the ceiling height. In general, a shower column connected by a fastener can not be cut and can be cut by a gasket. However, if you need to adjust the height, it is best to confirm to the salesperson whether it is feasible to avoid accidents. On the market, there are also adjustable height shower column, so that you can easily adjust the height of the shower according to your height.