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Faucet Of Various Categories

Aug 14, 2017

Various categories of faucets

1., according to materials, can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, brass, zinc alloy materials, faucets, high polymer composite materials, faucets and other categories.

2. according to feature points, can be divided into the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet and electric faucet (porcelain electric faucet), with the improvement of living standards, rapid heating faucet (porcelain electric faucet) more and more welcomed by consumers, is expected to become the new leading protagonist tap revolution.

Water tap

3., according to the structure to be divided, and can be divided into single, double and triple type, and other faucets. In addition, there are separate handles and double handles. Single type can meet cold or hot water pipe; double type can meet heat pipe, used for bathroom basin and hot water supply basin faucet kitchen vegetables; triple type except ground hot and cold water pipe, but also can take a shower nozzle, mainly for the water bath. A single handle faucet can adjust the temperature of the hot and cold water by a handle, and the water and hot water pipes are regulated by the two handle to adjust the temperature of the water.