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Faucet Maintenance

Aug 14, 2017

1, the new purchase of the leader, not their own disassembly assembly, to avoid improper assembly caused leakage;

2, hot and cold taps must be installed before the pipe sand, cement and other impurities first clear, rinse clean;

3, after a period of time, if it is found that the water flow is small, don't worry, you can bubbler or mesh in the outlet of the tap, remove impurities, water flow will normally return to normal tap.

4, open or close the faucet when not excessive use of violence, to avoid breaking the handle faucet spool.

5, do not use dirty faucet surface cleaning agent is alkali or acid, also cannot be used with cleaning / grinding function of the cloth, you can use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in wax cleaning, easy recovery of leading shiny effect.