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There are three common types of faucet spool

The valve core of the water tap is like a human heart, especially the quality of the valve core when choosing. There are three kinds of faucets on the market, such as stainless steel ball valve, ceramic chip spool and roller spool.

A common characteristic of the three spool is a holistic, integrated throughout the mandrel, easy installation and maintenance, replacement, the ceramic valve core has the advantage of low price, small pollution on the water, but more brittle ceramic material, easily broken; the utility model has the advantages of roll type spool rotation handle smooth, easy operation. Aging resistance, abrasion resistance; and stainless steel ball valve has high technology content, some high-end bathroom products have adopted it as its latest products Faxin water, can accurately control the temperature to ensure the water flow quickly and accurately, not only saving water and energy saving.

Aug 14, 2017