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The main structure of the faucet.

The faucet is a small device in the kitchen and toilet. It is also indispensable in daily life. With the continuous improvement of human living standards, we cannot live without it in our daily lives. At the same time, people have begun to pay attention to the high quality of faucets, and the influence of small taps So big, we have to understand what the structure of this tiny faucet is and understanding the structure of the faucet is very helpful for us to purchase the faucet and use the faucet correctly.

The faucet valve core is the lifeline of the faucet and largely determines the quality and service life of the faucet. Faucet spools include ceramic spools, ball spools, stainless steel spools, and rubber spools. The ceramic valve core is currently the best, the bees have good performance and physical stability. General ceramic valve faucets can be used for 5-10 years.

The surface of the faucet is mainly chrome plated, titanium plated, painted, gold plated, frosted, etc. Buy the faucet to consider the thickness of the surface coating, if the surface of the coating is smooth, how can the coating be of good quality? The thicker coating is not easy to fall off aging.

The main body of the faucet is the body of the pipe, mainly made of bronze material, but now it has been replaced with brass. The content of high-grade faucet copper is above 85%. There is no air hole in the main body of the imported faucet. However, due to the backwardness in the price of the process and the limitations of the surface-sanding treatment, the domestic faucet lacks the specific pressure resistance and wear resistance of the imported Huasheng Theory.

Although the faucet structure is simple, it determines our water use. Therefore, when purchasing the faucet, we need to check the quality of the faucet from each component of the faucet. Here we must pay special attention to the quality of the valve plug.

May 08, 2018