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The correct installation method of faucet.

How to properly use and maintain the faucet is a headache for many users. Actually, as long as install, use, maintain correct method, the actual service life of faucet can extend very long time, and can keep bright as new. When the faucet is installed. Advice please experienced or professionals for installation, if there is no way can only be yourself when installation, just as some people take the goods directly from the tap wholesale, the price is the wholesale price is relatively cheap, but there was no installation service, so this time we need to diy installation, before the installation we will go to learn the correct installation and some matters needing attention of faucet.

Here is the attention to the installation of the tap:

. Before installing the faucet, firstly put in water, wash the sediment impurities in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check the accessories in the packing box do not break into the impurities so as not to clog or wear the ceramic valve core.

2, use metal hose to connect the water pipe, do not need to consider the installation location of the water pipe, but it should be noted that the length of the hose is usually 30cm (inlet size, individual brand or hard pipe), use metal pipe to connect the water pipe, After the faucet is bought, the pipe should be laid according to the length of the faucet. Of course, from the perspective of service life, the pipe should be better than the hose. Similarly, when the faucet is installed, if the pipe is laid above the sink, It is best to install in-wall sink faucets, and vice versa.

3, the relevant requirements of imported faucets are different from domestic faucets. The inlet pipe of the general inlet faucet has soft and hard points, and the largest number of hoses (stainless steel braided pipe) is available. The movable nut end has an inch size of 3/8 inch. Only the imported triangle valve can be matched with the matching nut. The nozzle is 11/4 inches.

4, when taking over, the left is hot water, the right is cold water, the two tubes are 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet joint is fixed, remove the faucet. After the wall screed is completed, install the faucet to prevent the faucet from being worn or scratched. If you use imported products such as showers, booster pumps are pre-installed to ensure proper water discharge.

May 09, 2018