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Smart bathroom unlimited prospects

All along, big thunder, small raindrops smart home industry, driven by the Internet of things and mobile Internet, its speed of development is also accelerating. Then, with the popularization of intelligent life concept, smart bathroom products has attracted more and more attention of consumers, but a good momentum of development with the lack of industry standards, the formation of the conflict restricts the development of smart bathroom.

Intelligent bathroom varieties are rich and varied

Once "tall" on the "smart bathroom" now has become a common object, many brands are selling intelligent toilet, more and more brands are selling smart toilet products. Divided into high and low price, low with only 2000 yuan, with 5000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan, high. At present, the intelligent toilet adopts a unique vortex rotating bubble nozzle, which has massage effect on the buttocks, promotes the circulation of the blood, completely clean feeling, and avoids bacterial reproduction.

In addition, in function, also realized the handset remote control, the user may download by its corresponding APP, realizes uses the handset to control the closestool cover, including landing, flushing, as well as adjustment sitting posture and so on function.

Now the intelligent bathroom products in addition to the toilet, it also relates to intelligent bathtub, shower room and bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors and other products, the electronic, digital automation, greatly enhance the bathroom experience comfort and convenience, has gradually become the new darling of the home. In this regard, the industry also said that the current consumer generation of new generation of consumers, the pursuit of quality of life, and smart products just cater to consumer demand. Consumers in the purchase of intelligent bathroom products, in addition to the importance of cost-effective, more attention to its scientific and technological content and quality.

The lack of industry standards needs urgent improvement

In the industry view, there is a huge obstacle to the growth of the smart bathroom industry - no industry standards. Intelligent bathroom is also facing the existing technology and the market has not yet been unified norms and integration, different vendors of equipment is incompatible with each other, unable to linkage, it is difficult to form a standardized and unified integration solutions. In the current intelligent sanitary ware production enterprises, some directly control household appliances and household appliances with mobile phones, and some control the above-mentioned items through the power plug. In addition, some smart home products use Bluetooth to control, and some use WIFI. Intelligent bathroom is the same, in the development process will inevitably encounter these problems, the need for a unified standard as a whole solution.

Aug 14, 2017