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Shower faucet installation precautions

Shower Faucet Installation looks very simple, is actually a very important project today, may wish to bring together we learn well, shower faucet and shower installation, basically is the decoration of the later work, however, the early decoration, if not careful, will not hit a gas. Otherwise, take a closer look at the house, you will find a lot of small regret.

1, electrician to install the faucet elbow, must be perpendicular to the wall, or Mason deposited groove posted brick, shower faucet installation does not go up, but also to play again after brick. It is best to buy back the leader, called the Master Mason when deposited on the groove leading to do. This is safe, but we must pay attention to the protection of good leaders. So take the tap faucet elbow installed, removed for safekeeping.

2, the shower head on the height of the problem is also very critical. At present, many owners like to use that kind of shower shower, this shower is divided into several, and some can be separated from the installation, and some can be extended down, and some are fixed (can not be extended). The shower can not be stretched down, the overall height will be relatively high, but many developers do the toilet in the Yuba installed height, height of only 2200mm. Therefore, determining height of mixing valve is the most important, see many times, according to the installation height of ordinary mixing valve after the whole shower is not enough and not because of high installation. Therefore, in the early days of electrical cloth management, it is best to know clearly the total height of the product installation, or simply take the product or instruction book to the scene and arrange the pipe according to the requirements.

3, at present, many owners of home decoration, water is from heaven to go, so the shower water outlet where the water feeling is down perpendicular to outlet piping mode. But this method is not feasible, because it will affect the shower installation, afraid of installation playing in pipe drilling. Or install the shower, not in the middle of the installation. Therefore, in the pipe, water pipe from the side of the wall after the shower, then go to the location of transverse mixing valve. There is a requirement that the Master Mason do brick, signs must be done to the Ming pipe, so when the mounting hanger, hit the water. That's why we generally recommend plumbing.

4, for the bath with bath, shower will be considered in the center, especially without the edge of the embedded bathtub. The height of the water outlet also must according to the product description, don't think that after the installation of the bathtub is. Another point, there are some bathtubs water supply, but also with the ground water supply. A few days ago to see an electrician in the usual way to do water supply, but fortunately found early, the result is changed again, and if you put bricks, it will cost more money.

Aug 14, 2017