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Make good use of bathroom accessories

Now, the bathroom is becoming more and more humane, which is a combination of physiological and cultural factors. Enjoy bathroom has become a fashion. In the decoration of the bathroom space, in addition to bathtubs, basins, toilets, as well as walls, ground handling, but also to be good at using small bathroom accessories, the bathroom will be painted into their own style of mood scroll.

The bathroom mirror is indispensable accessories, bathroom mirror fashionable, clear and bright make people happy "to mirror decals yellow". In the past, when people decorate more than a glass shop to cut a mirror, put on a different thing, today, a seemingly simple mirror, there are many brands.

Choose a mirror from the front, side, back, multi angle to observe its quality. A man who looks at a mirror usually focuses on his own image in the mirror, without paying attention to the straight lines in the mirror behind him. When you gently move the line of sight, if a straight object does not bend and deform, this is a mirror of excellent quality. Bathroom mirror is divided into ordinary mirror and anti fog mirror. The anti fogging mirror is divided into coating anti fogging mirror and electrothermal antifogging mirror. The former prevents the form of fog in the form of coated micropores; the latter increases the specular humidity by electrically heating the mist and evaporates rapidly so that no fog is formed.

The bathroom will inevitably have many bottles, a lot of dry and wet towels, laundry etc., to find these things for installation, bathroom storage space should be carefully considered. One of the major principles of bathroom storage is the combination of open and closed. For some other perfume bottles, beauty lotion, you can put them as a display storage rack placed in the bathroom; and some private higher personal items, such as general health supplies toiletries and spare, you can use the cabinet away. In the bathroom before renovation, we should take full account of the needs of the storage. Having enough storage space will make life easier and more convenient.

A towel bar, a toothbrush seat, a mouthwash cup, and a soap box help you put your desk in order. The delicate toilet brush and bucket can be a landscape in the bathroom space. Can not ignore the choice of bath mats, mats, they can not only play the role of anti-skid, but also to enjoy the bare feet to enjoy the warmth and softness of the considerate. Towel, bath brush, bath brush, comb the choice can not be ignored, natural materials can reflect the owner's pursuit of high quality life, but also more considerate and delicate skin.

Aug 14, 2017