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How to remove the dirt on the shower

How to clean the dirt in the shower? With long showers, the problem of poor water flow usually occurs. This shows that the inside of the shower has accumulated a lot of dirt. How do you clean the shower stains?

1, manual cleaning: in large-scale nets or remove other adsorption components of the shower head, with a brush after cleaning back in situ safety. Shower, shower nozzle, a special open tool, immersion in 50/50, white vinegar and water for an hour shower solution. The chemical control of white vinegar can easily remove the dirt.

2, hand wipe: such as rubber particles shower hole design, soft touch rubber material, comfortable, and easy to expand, easy to clean, just use your fingers, then massage the rubber particles, can be easily extended even popup. This cleaning method, with good performance properties of materials, is now on the market more popular in a clean way.

3, self-cleaning: in order to avoid water quality caused by poor water outlet blockage, many set up automatic sprinkler, descaling function. As some types of showers have a special structure, the scale will automatically clean up during the process. For example, some internal cleaning needle, shower head, all the way to the water when the conversion time, cleaning needle will automatically pop out of the scale.

Aug 14, 2017