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How to handle the following four ways to maintain the faucet

For modern urbanite, the satisfaction of home environment is becoming more and more important. Therefore, it is necessary to master some household products maintenance knowledge and maintenance methods.

First of all, the temperature. When the temperature is below zero, if the faucet handle feel abnormal, you must use hot water bath hot products, to the normal feel before use. If this happens, indifference will affect the service life of the taps and valves.

Followed by the scale of the problem. As the water contains a trace of carbonic acid, and easy to evaporate in the surface of the metal will form scale, corrosion on the surface of the faucet, which will affect the cleaning and service life of the tap. So, always use soft cotton or sponge with a neutral soapy water to wipe the surface of the faucet, and then use a soft cloth to dry the surface.  Experts advise you not to use corrosion or acidic objects wipe, and do not use metal silk or with hard particles of scouring cloth and so on.

Third, the problem of water leakage, the faucet will be closed after dripping phenomenon, because there is residual water after the closure of the faucet, is a normal phenomenon. If more than ten minutes, there has been water dripping, it is leaking, indicating that the product has quality problems.

The last is the question of strength. Turn off the faucet, do not force too much, take the opportunity to rotate gently. Even a traditional faucet doesn't have to be strong enough to wring. In particular, do not use the handle as an armrest for support or use.

Aug 14, 2017