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Hot and cold faucet water working principle

The main hot and cold water tap shall be composed of a handle, a valve core, a water inlet braided pipe and a mounting fitting. The working principle of ceramic valve core: in general, the bottom of the ceramic valve core is made up of three holes, of which two holes are used to get in and out the cold water, and the other is used for hot water entering and leaving, and the remaining one is used for the internal water out of the valve core. Cold and hot water tap valve core two hole sealing rings are guaranteed, and the main inclined street in sealing state, the cold and hot water inlet pipe is connected with the main body that two hole heat pipe and a cold water pipe and the corresponding valve. The spool mainly controls the opening and closing state of the two holes and works by moving two ceramic pieces.

The handle switch drives the valve stem to move, so that the ceramic sheet moves, the left and the right two holes are sealed, and at this time the water enters the valve core without water. The point of the valve core, sealing ring so that water must pass through the spool to enter the main outlet, so that no water into the spool, then there is no water out of the pipe. This is the water pipe closed condition.

What is the principle of a hot and cold faucet? In fact, the cold and hot water tap is also called the "dirty water", which is the cold and hot water mixed together, and can adjust the temperature of the tap. The main principle is to use ceramic precision is very high in tap internal or steel valve to control the water situation, so the use of leading in different directions will be divided into cold and hot water.

When we turn the swivel of the tap to a water outlet, the ceramic plate is moved so that the upper hole is fully opened and the right hole is closed completely. In this way, the cold water can not enter the valve core, the hot water enters the valve core, and a small cavity is arranged in the six valve core, and the irregular concave hole of the ceramic plate is shown. After doing the following hole flow into the main body, this is how the hot water goes in and out. The handle to the right is cold water, the middle of the hot and cold water pipe opened at the same time, the outflow is warm water

Aug 14, 2017