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Election shower faucet should look or know what aspects

Look at the material

Plating: in the bathroom and other humid environment, shower surface if not treated by electroplating, it will affect the material itself. But also the process of electroplating, processing differences are very different. In light of the circumstances, the shower faucet surface should be a raven as a mirror, without any signs of burning, oxidation stain;

Tube: tube good is the use of copper, and to go through the process of grinding and polishing surface, dust, nickel, chrome and so on, so that we can ensure that will not change in the humid environment in the use of black hair, sparkling fall. Some businesses will use cast iron pipes as copper tubes. The knocking of all brass bodies is loud, and the knocking of the cast iron pipe is depressed and muffled.

Spool: good spool made of high hardness of the ceramic, smooth, wear-resisting, prevent leaking, consumers must begin to turn the switch to try, if feel poorer, it is best not to buy this shower. The qualified valve core can be switched 500 thousand times, and the defective product can not reach this intensity and is easy to leak.

Look at the showerhead

The structure of the sprinkler will affect whether it is easy to clean, thus affecting the water quality and water pressure of the effluent.  The shower outlet plug is often due to accumulation of impurities caused by the screen cover, shower with a long time will inevitably have scale deposition, if you can not get cleaned up, some holes may be blocked, in order to avoid clogging the outlet due to poor water quality, shower nozzle design sophisticated often prominent in the outside, easy to clean. Now the shower head is divided into two kinds of silica gel and metal material, spray silicone material with a rag or a hand can be brushed on the scale deposition nozzle. Some sprinkler is also equipped with automatic cleaning scale function, water spraying, descaling needle will automatically clean the sediment of the water outlet, but the price is more expensive than the general sprinkler.

Watch accessories

Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, you need to pay special attention to. For example, water pipe and the lifting rod is flexible, hose with steel wire bending capacity, is connected with the shower ball bearing anti twisted, the lifting rod is provided with a rotary controller etc..

Look at the water

Choose the shower to look at the water, shower good design can ensure each nozzle of water distribution is basically the same when choosing to shower nozzle inclined water, if water at the top of the much less or even no, that is the internal design of shower.

Aug 14, 2017